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Playing and the Higgs Field

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Published: Monday, 2 December 2013
Edited: Saturday, 19 September 2015
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The Dutch historian and culture philosopher Johan Huizinga reckoned that our biological art should rather be called Homo Ludens instead of Homo Sapiens because we are definitely playing but we do not seem to be particularly smart, neither today or when Huizinga 1933 became a principal in Leyden and held a speech about his view on playing and culture. Playing is older than the culture. Animals have their way of playing. Huizinga discussed playing and competition, playing and law, playing and war, playing and science, playing and poetry, playing and philosophy, playing and art, playing and the modern culture, playing and business and many other subjects but did not discuss playing and mathematics as far as I know. That was done by Tord Ganelius in the 1980's. He was a permanent secretary at the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences and a board member of the Nobel Foundation. Ganelius wrote the book Introduction to Mathematics from which we learn that mathematics is a way of playing and playing is bigger than gaming.

It is one thing that playing can be deadly serious for a mathematician, but a completely different thing is to see math as the root of reality. Instead of thinking about math as only  an  invented tool to describe reality with continuously improved explanation models, the Swedish cosmologist Max Tegmark came in New Scientist the fifteenth of September 2007 up with the thesis that mathematics is the root of the existence of everything. That is only one way to tell why mathematical models are so good at explaining the world. Instead, assume that the physical existence has a nature that generates repetition of itself and of change and therefore is describable as a general Turing machine or mathematical machine (today's computers are general Turing machines clocked with faster and faster repetition rates). It is then more logical to think of physical existence as the root of mathematics.

Two repetition frequencies determine our existence as taught in my theory of the wave nature of time that I described in the text A New Cosmic Perspective by The Swedish Mathematical Society in October 2009 (pp 69-73). One of these frequencies is related to the electromagnetic force and in the order of 10 exp 20 Hz while the other is related to the force of gravity as well as to the cosmic expansion and is 10 exp 40 times lower. The repetition frequency for the human heart beat is centered in between them. According to the Nobel Prize in Physics 2014, a Higgs field is omnipresent in the universe  and connected to everything which would then include the described repetition frequencies.

Lars A. Wern                                                                                

European Patent Attorney, Valhallavägen 128, 114 38 Stockholm ATC Industrial Group 

0 2074 views
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