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Mankind's greatest challenge

Språk: English
Publicerad: onsdag 20 juli 2016
Redigerad: söndag 24 februari 2019
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Graphic illustration: Henry Cardona

Graphic illustration: Henry Cardona

Global Sustainability is mankind's greatest challenge! A lot of pioneering works will change our way of living and make one day also the dream of sustainable space colonization come true as the greatest adventure in history. We need the attitude "Failure Is Not An Option" as shown by NASA before the lunar landing.

Here is a cost-effective Transfer of Technology (ToT) model proposed for speeding up the development. It is briefly described with reference made to the graphic illustration.

Any country aiming at speeding up Sustainable Development should have a Development Agency. According to the ToT model, Product Proposals are sent to a Private or Public Buyer and Positive Responses are preferably received with sufficient risk money to make both Payments for Right of First Refusal (RFR) and Payments for ToT. 

Chosen Creators of Pioneering Works with Proofs of Concept and with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) receive payment for Delivery of RFR to a chosen Industrial Developer. After payment to the Creators also for Delivery of ToT to the Developer and payment to the latter for Delivery of an approved Product, the Buyer can benefit from the added value of application-specific IPR ownership.

The Marco Polo Team is a group of individuals associated with a Swedish foundation having the same name and a mission of searching for Pioneering Works of interest for Global Sustainability. The man shown sitting on a Magic Carpet symbolizes simply the Marco Polo Team's use of all available communications means for speeding up Sustainable Development. 

0 2765 visningar
Artikeln har inga översättningar