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Self flowing Flask

Språk: English
Publicerad: tisdag 1 september 2015
Redigerad: tisdag 1 september 2015
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Renewable Energies is the only hope for the energy production in the future. This is the time to think and activate our knowladge towards Renewable Energy. One day  the production of Energy will not meet up with the demand that leads to high energy cost and it will not be afford by common people.

So I started looking for new technology in the Renewable energies field. I got some ideas and I gone through the internet to find the possiblities. Then I came to know about the Robert Boyle's self flowing flask, which was invented 300 years before. in which water will flow in the flask continuously when it drawn from the bottom it again refill it form the top. In reality, Robert Boyle's self-flowing flask does not work because a siphon requires its output to be lower than the input.

Now I am looking forward to develop this self flowing flask and try to find the possiblities to make it to work with water. I am thinking of including some valves and changing in the shapes or including new desinged pipe line to reduce and to improve the pressure. If this flask starts working with the water, then the future generation will never suffer with engery demand.  

0 5679 visningar
Artikeln har inga översättningar