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The Biggest Challenge

Language: English
Published: Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Edited: Monday, 29 November 2021
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Armen Sargsyan is an Armenian politician, physicist and computer scientist who has served as the President of Armenia since 2018

At the Armenian Summit of Minds 2019, President Armen Sarkissian said about the meeting place: "It looks like an ark. But it is not the Noah’s Ark. It is an Armenian ark where people come to discuss how to save the world". When the Armenian Summit of Minds 2020 was moved from June to October, he used the time for an interview to make Financial Times publish his idea to establish a "club of startup nations". That interview motivated me to write the following lines.


In President Armen Sarkissian's club of startup nations, high-tech symbolic buildings could function as Space Age Armenian Arks for mobilizing the millions including children to discuss hard facts about global sustainability and sustainable development. A lot of energy can result from a mass of such SA3 mobilized minds, as from mass itself according to Einstein's famous equation.

Many initiatives are taken to encourage and support startups working with various applications of new technologies so it is recognized that innovation is needed. However, incremental innovation receives more support than disruptive innovation. The latter is capable of making old businesses obsolete and precisely that is what we need to prevent a global disaster.

Disruptive innovation should be strongly supported as a savior. Inspiring heroes can be found among independent innovators, inventors, and researchers. The Space Age Armenian Arks could offer IT services including AI for processing and presenting their ideas, initiatives, and visions with a focus on the so-called spaceship earth worldview. Inside a big sphere, 360 degrees projectors could show to the visitors the common world map changed from an outside to an inside perspective and changing over time to show what scientists predict can happen if actions against it are not taken in time.

Spaceship Earth. Desktop model. Design by L A Wern (2015)

Based on an initiative called UniPort, the "sphere ark" has been discussed with four architects and with an extraordinary Swedish builder as well as with technical expertise. This text marks the end of the definition phase in which a sphere tower model of a high-tech symbolic building was developed. I am a representative of the UniPort initiative and intend now to work together with its originator to find investors for erecting the very first UniPort sphere tower. Besides in Armenia, we have found suitable places for the purpose in both California and Sweden.

Time is more than money, it is everything, and it is running out for all of us. Therefore, I have developed contacts with independent innovators, inventors, and researchers in a network which is called the Marco Polo Team and which is connected to a fundraising foundation having the same name. In search of useful ideas, the biggest challenge presently is to find those which are capable of mobilizing minds for sustainable development. Here are a few examples of such ideas that can make a difference:

0 1346 views
The article has no translations